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First International Trip: Cabo San Lucas

Okay, if you follow me you know that we recently went to the amazing place of Los Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a friend’s wedding. This was my first international trip which I spoke about in a previous post. Los Cabo doesn’t owe me a thing. It was an absolutely amazing place that I HAVE to go back and visit once more. But one thing I know for sure now is that I LOVE all-inclusive resorts. I want to give some pros and cons to all-inclusive.



You don’t have to worry about anything extra for you trip. Once you’ve paid you amount for the trip at the resort you are good to go unless you go out to shop. Food, drinks, and lodging are taken care of. Food is the one thing that cost us the most when traveling, especially when we have all the kids. When you are used to only feeding 3 people who eat differently depending on the meal at hand, and you go to 5, it’s a difference that you truly can’t plan or budget for. So I have time to prepare myself for my shopping habits lol.


Read reviews on where you are staying and their food. The resort we stayed about the food was good at most of the places. There were several different restaurants on the resort, and one of them had a different theme each night. We ate great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on top of snacking while at the pool and room service. I feel in love with a spice called Tajin! It was the best stuff ever, and I’ve been putting on stuff randomly since I’ve been back. I love it on cucumber, watermelon, mango, and anything else I can think to try it on.


My cup says “Hakuna Ma Vodka, It means no memories for the rest of your night”

Drinks on top of drinks, on top of drinks, with a side of drinks, and drinks to drink. And I don’t mean your watered down club drinks, I mean good, get you drunk drinks after 3 or 4. Drinking is a pastime there. I mean they constantly had servers taking drink orders the entire time. It was amazing. Our travel agent for the wedding told us to bring our own cups instead of using the resorts. It was perfect, I made us both vacation stainless steel cups, but you knew that, and our drinks stayed cold until we finished them. They were happy to take our cups and bring them back to us filled with whatever we wanted filled to the top. My favorite was a mango margarita with a tajin rim.

SN: Because your room key is on your wristband that stays on you while you are there, your key can’t get lost or forgotten because you are drunk.


The resort we stayed at had a private beach. The rooms were either Oceanside or Mountain View, and were no doubt amazing. We decided not to spend more money on the deluxe room because we knew we wouldn’t be in it but to sleep, but it was pretty much like your normal hotel in the US. Walking out to our balcony and being able to not only see the pools, but the ocean was amazing to see every morning.


Listen I don’t know if it’s because the staff are drinking or because the weather is always so nice. But they are so happy. There is a different feel to everything being there. Everyone seems to just want to help and with a genuine smile. We ran into one issue, but it had nothing to do with the care or hospitality we received while there. Staff there makes you feel as though you are family and they want to make sure that your time there is amazing.

We came there a day before most of the wedding party. The resort had a main event every night. The first night they karaoke, those that know my husband loves karaoke/piano bars and the like. They knew our names from that time forward. Senor Ronnie and Senorita Krystal was all we heard walking down walkways or entering restaurants. I can’t wait to go back and take Bailey with us.


There isn’t anything that I can complain about the weather there. It was sunny and warm, but not hot. The water was still cold so it was a perfect combination between both the sun and the cool water. We spent most of the time at the hot tub, but I did get in the pool for some water aerobics. Not a cloud in the sky, but the wind did take out an entire table out at the all white BBQ.


There was a club on the resort. It was open until 2 am. We literally didn’t have to leave for anything if we didn’t want to. It was even times when we would go from dinner straight to the club. It did have the worst bartenders, but by the time you had been consuming drinks all day you really didn’t care too much. Shots it is!


Unlike being in Cancun or some of the other resorts, you HAVE to have a resort band on you in order to get in. So this isn’t the place for someone who is looking to hook up with someone and bring them back to their room. Your guest will not be able to join you for a one-nighter, which makes it a safer and controlled environment. Which is why I wouldn’t mind bring my child back, to know that random people can’t just show up and join the fun. To leave and return they ask for your name and room number, and for you to visually show them your wristbands.


There are plenty of things to do, both on and off the resort. During the day there were water aerobics, karaoke as mentioned, all white party BBQ, Volleyball, musical trivia, Black Jack, Dancing Lessons, etc. They also have a Kids Club. The spa was to die for. It was blown out of the mountain, so walking through the hallways they kept the stones/rocks in the design and it is the most serene spa I’ve been to by atmosphere alone.

As mentioned the reason I was even in Cabo was for a wedding. The views in the resort are amazing and adding a wedding were breathtaking. To be able to get married in a place as magical as this is heartwarming. And let me just say the food at the reception didn’t disappoint. I was so glad we were there to see our friends/family join together, and hopefully by this time next year, we will be going for my first trip to Cali for the birth of their first-born.


Scenery in Cabo

Coming to and from the airport you see the difference in the areas around. To see a huge house on one side of the street and turn your head and see a hut was shocking in a place that is sooo gorgeous and looks like all beach movies have been made there. Although Cabo has only been a thriving city for about 30 years there is still so much wealth, which makes the division between classes noticeable.


We were at the end of beach which meant that we were not as close to other resorts. The closest resort to us was either a hike up a mountain for about 2 or 3 miles (and if you know me, I’m not hiking anywhere). For the numerous excursions/activities that can be done (ATVs, horseback, etc.), you are driving at least 30-45 minutes to get there. I mean, that’s from most resorts, but it seems so long especially when you are the last to get on and the last to get off for transportation.

Drive (Airport)

Listen! This drive was horrible. We took a nap, woke up played games on our phone (that didn’t need cellular data, even though I found out I should’ve had mine on), dosed off again and finally started dropping other people off at their resorts. When we got ready to leave, we had to be on the shuttle three hours before our plan left. THREE HOURS y’all! I was like we are going to be sitting there waiting for an hour, WRONG!!! We had enough time to do a little shopping for tequila, grab something to eat, and we were boarding. Before we even made it to the airport, we stopped to pick up others at 3 resorts! That’s waiting on people to realize that their shuttle to the airport is there, them getting their baggage on the shuttle, and then getting back on the shuttle. It’s just a lot. So be prepared to not go directly to your resort, UNLESS you do a private shuttle which could add up quickly because it’s by person each way.


It’s not a want to go back, it’s a need. I will be going back and enjoying myself. We had a ball going, and will take Bailey next time we go. If you want a place to go in Mexico to have fun BUT truly relax, please try Los Cabo San Lucas as your place to go.

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