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$50 Thrift Store Console

I did not know how much I loved a before and after until I finished this refurbished project. It was our first and I must say I have been addicted since. We have a wonderful thrift store close to our house that I found a few months after we got here. (They are absolutely amazing and really do great things for others.) The thrift store is called Helping People God’s Way. On the first weekend of each month the store is packed and there are normally people waiting at least 30 minutes to an hour before open, because they offer 50% everything in the store. With the great pieces they have in the store and a great price, this gem is one that wasn’t going to stay hidden for long. I stumbled upon a console that I really liked and needed something to go into our living room.

It had a sticker on it that said $100, so that means it’s $50, of course I’m taking it. What I didn’t realize was how heavy it was. It took 4 men to pick this console up and put it in my car. I don’t know what made me still want it knowing it would just be me and by hubby taking it out of the car and in the house. But thank God for Angelica’s husband coming over so I guided them into putting it in the garage. Well, it sat in the garage for a couple of weeks before we actually started on it!

I wanted so bad to paint it, and after I showed the piece to my parents, my dad was completely against painting it and wanted us, well me to change my mind and stain it. The wood is beautiful but I didn’t think staining it in the gray stain was going to give it the look I was going for. So we, well my husband and daughter started sanding the console.

The trick about sanding is you have to pay attention. At one point he wasn’t paying close attention and sanded the top lower in one spot than he had others, and had to level it out. They would sand a little every day, by the time the weekend came they were completely finished. Early Saturday morning we wiped the console down and came back in for breakfast.

I eventually took off the hardware and spray painted them in my favorite Rustoleum spray paint color Oil Rubbed Bronzed. In order to get the true dark color in an even spray I did around 3 coats.

The color that I chose for the console is Sherwin Williams Black Fox. It has to be the best darker charcoal color they have. It took less than a gallon to paint everything. We only used flat brushes, as there were only flat surfaces for the most part. We painted 2 ½ layers to make sure everything was even. It now sits in our living at the new house. For our first piece to bring it back to life I was thoroughly enjoyable and we vowed to do it again. We we knew we had to do it again.

It’s Complete:

I have a dining room table that has been sitting in my garage for a few months.

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