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Laundry Room Level Up

Hey ya'll! I've been a bit of a busy bee. I decided one day one a whim to redo 3 rooms in our house. The first room was the laundry room. It wasn't even on my initial thought list of spaces I wanted to upgrade. We made an adult purchase of a new washer/dryer combo from GE. This purchase caused a spiral. So come along with me as a break down the process.

What did the Laundry Room look like before?

We have a decent sized Laundry Room, but it wasn't necessarily a place anyone would want to spend any time in. When we moved into the house, I wanted some color on the walls and decided I would do an accent wall with paint and a sponge. It wasn't the worst idea but I also didn't use any type of measurement in between the rows or columns.

What were my plans?

Here were my initial plans for the room. On my reel on social media I mentioned the fact I forgot about the bottom cabinets not being flushed against the wall in my calcuations. But it all worked out in the end.


There was a vinyl flooring down. I started researching engineered woods because I wanted a warm feeling on the floor. One day while out and about I decided to go and browse one of the thrift stores. Low and behold, they were putting about 10 boxes of flooring out on the floor. I didn't move and allowed someone to spot me waving like a crazy person because I was not walking away. For 5 boxes I spent $160. Those that know, understand that's easily the price of one box. I was so excited about my find. The only con I have with the flooring was it wasn't as easy to cut in angles. But wasn't hard to install at all. Although this particular flooring is discontinued here's something similar.


It's a given that I love wallpaper, especially peel and stick. The wallpaper was chosen before any other color and I matched the cabinet colors to it. Guess where the wallpaper came from? My favorite place, Amazon! lol Here's a link to the Gleom peel and stick, green and white, is linked here.


I went to both Lowe's and Home Depot to see what was actually in stock after looking online several times. I then realized that the website wasn't updating properly and they had certain cabinets in stock that were showing out of stock online. I sort of made Kwele come with me to get the cabinets and it was a good thing because we took my car and everything didn't fit, so I stayed with the other cabinets that didn't. I started out painting with the roller and brushes, but then I realized I have a paint gun. I definitely pivoted and fought with my tent to put it up and spray the cabinets. The color chosen is Aloe from Valspar. He (the hubby) wanted a color close to what we had in our master bath when we were in Memphis. So the color choice was on him. The handles and pulls were also from Amazon.


The washer/dryer combo that started it all is the 4.8 cu. ft. UltraFast Combo Washer & Dryer with Ventless Heat Pump Technology in Carbon Graphite. We caught it on sale during the Independence Day sales along with other items we purchased. I forget to take the clothes from the washer to the dryer about 80% of the time. The ability to start the load and come back when it's completely finished is heaven sent. You don't always have to have it on the combo setting, if you decide you want to break the loads up you can. Times estimates are based on the weight of the load it senses inside. One of my other favorites is probably the fact that it holds 50 oz of detergent and 35 oz of fabric softener, and it dispenses it for me without over doing it or not enough to clean our clothes.

Styler SMART Steam Closet in Espresso Dark Brown with TrueSteam Technology and Moving Hangers by LG was another purchase. I've had my eye on this for months. I truly despise ironing. When I tell you this thing is amazing, I mean it. It has a pant creaser, it sanitizes and reduces allergens, not to mention the options for what it steams/cleanses.

Okay I won't hold you all any longer, here are the final photos from the Laundry Room makeover!

Links to Other Items in Laundry Room:

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