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Luxury Living on a Budget

Let me jump right into this one. Our living was okay. It was child friendly to say it best. When we moved in our house my mother stayed on me for wanting to buy and do everything at once. So I did what I could to make our space us without breaking the budget since we were relocating back to Arkansas.

Since we don't have small children around anymore it was time to start updating our space to more of a vibe that blends with our style. Kwele has a very modern style. He is all about clean lines. I've morphed into the modern style over the years, but I'm not 100% like he is.

The colors in the living room have always been copper/rust, black, with touches of golds. Most people just didn't realize it because of the gray sectional, and the lack of cohesiveness in the space. Let me just show you.

People would say oh the room is nice. But was it? I mean truthfully ya'll?! So I had to do somethign about it. Let's start with the breakdown of items that I used to transform this room.


We purchased this heavy, heavy wood console from our favorite thrift store in Memphis within the first year of being there. It definitely served its' purpose and hid, I meant held items but I'm always looking for more storage and a smarter way to store. So to IKEA's website I went after seeing Rachel Martino's pin about her hack for a built in look. I purchased each piece she talks about in her 60 second reel. Except the Havsta comes in two different heights and I went with the lower height, making my price lower than hers. So I'm not going to list them all here.

I didn't do the curved piece, I opted for a straight wood piece and at the top, the middle piece where the bookshelf met, and a piece in the center. When it came to the wood I didn't want to smooth it out too much. I've become a bit more prone to natural looks of certain medians. It may also be my farmhouse love still in there a bit. So the dents and curves in the wood give character for me.

I opted out of the traditional curtain rods and went for track system. I purchased the Vidga Track system with the glider and hooks.

And the last major piece I purchased from IKEA was the cowhide rug, Koldby.

Poly and Bark

Both couches are from this company. Listen I searched high and low looking for quality couches in the color I wanted. The quality of the leather on these couches are absolutely amazing. The Napa 88.5" in Cognac Tan and OnyxBlack actually arrived earlier than the expected date. The comfort is my favorite part. I was a corner hog with our sectional. So not having the corner part of the couch was a little bit of a problem for me, but after the first nap on this couch. I was sleep for about 4 hours on what I thought was going to be a 45 minute nap. We will have to get used to having leather seats again but it's worth not having to clean the couch with upholestry cleaner when one of the kids waste something. I would definitely recommend the couch.


It all started with ordering their swatches. I honestly was going to get the couches and chairs from Joybird, but they didn't send leather swatches with the kit. Joybird offers many options with their fabric choices: Pet friendly, safeguard, sustainable, and Greenguard Gold are a few options. Having a pet but wanting a fabric can be a compromise at times, but with Joybird you don't have to. I went iwth the Jolie Swivel Chair in the color Royale Hacienda. It's the perfect rich color of rust/copper. The other two in the house seem to love that the chair swivels. Being able to twist the entire chair toward a person or the television seems to be their favorite.


You should know by now I will check Amazon for so many things. I'll try and make this quick. The curtains were purchased to match the pillows which started the journey of the color choices in living room. I had a melt down when I began to put them on the track. I didn't think about the curtains having a pocket opening so I had to purchase hooks from Walmart, measure where they needed to go and create openings for the hooks.

Wiring lights on my own wasn't happening and I wasn't calling someone in to run electricity for scones on the bookshelves. So I found these battery operated lights. These lights even come with a remote to turn them on and off, a cool or warm light option, and a dimmer option. This allows an ambiance to be created without lighting a candle or having the actual lights on.

You can't see them, but the black pillowcases are crocodile print. While searching for black wallpaper (so I wouldn't have to paint a wall), I stumbled upon the perfect wallpaper. It's also crocodile print. I installed it on the wall, the back of the bookcases and inside the cabinet. Here's a link to the copper pillow cases that we already had as well.

The update to our living room has created a vibe for everyone that has entered the room since it's been completed. I can't wait to show more of what this living room looks like and how it makes others feel when they walk into the space. I hope you all enjoy!

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