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One Room Challenge - Week Two

Clean up! Clean up! Everybody, Everywhere! Well that's what I was supposed to do. I didn't actually clean up the room and remove everything out like I planned. The dining table and chairs as well as the console are all sitting in the room still. But enough of what I didn't do.

If These Walls Could Talk

This week was about about walls and doors and cabinets. I initially tested two green samples on the wall and a deep rust and blue sample on the door framel. Let me just say I instantly loved one of the greens colors more than the other, even though they were very close. On the door frame the drastic colors were both absolutely amazing in my eyes. I had my mind made up on which color I wanted...and then my wallpaper arrived.

I was so glad I didn't just move forward with the paint colors I initially liked. Wondering why? Well, once the wallpaper came in the rust was too deep and the blue didn't mesh at all. The green I initially wanted to go with was a little too dark in my opinion. Could I have gone with it and been just fine? Yes. But with the colors chosen in this space I wanted to make sure I wasn't over the top for my own taste since I'm pushing my limits.

I placed my order at Home Depot for pick up. The paint colors chosen were Behr Seaweed Salad for the green selection. For the pop of color, without going and getting another sample I decided on Behr No More Drama. As soon as I got home, I went to work and started painting the walls and the doors.

While the walls were drying I decided to start painting the cabinets. I've painted Ikea furniture before as you all have seen with the living room and the landing. SO, that meant coats of Zinsser Primer before any color touched them. I have had a better outcome by painting the cabinets as a whole, versus the pieces being painted before assembly. Let's just say my back isn't happy with me, nor my knees. The cabinets will also get the Seaweed Salad paint color. Let's talk about the opposing wall.


After the paint on the closet doors and frame dried I started working on the wallpaper for this wall. If you haven't been around for a little while, wallpaper is started to be my thing. I'm in love with all kinds of wallpaper. Since peel and stick has come around it doesn't take the time it used to take in order to put it up. I will say I've done wallpaper in a few rooms and still feel as though I'm learning things each and every time I put it up.

Let's dig into this wallpaper. Spoonflower is an amazing company to get wallpaper. I've used them twice personally and once as a choice for someone else. The wallpaper is made to order so you have to have some patience when ordering a lot of their items. The design I was looking for wasn't quite your typical 20s Speakeasy, although they had plenty of options. I went a few years later to a Mid Century option, which gave me more of a boho type feel. The name of the wallpaper is Mid Century Mood - Rust & Sage Wallpaper. I will say on screen the darker color gives more of a green than it does in person, it's pretty dark and looks black.

I think I've made some good strides for week two. Let's seen how this next week plays out for my timeline. I have two major decisions that I still need to make and they are both bigger ticket items. Good luck to everyone, let's knock this week out!

Oh here's a peek into some of the design elements for this room together.

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