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Prayers of Bonus (Step) Mom


I hope this prayer touches not only me, but all biological/bonus mom relationships. Help me to deal with the thoughts of being an outsider in my family at times. Allow me to not take it personal because it is not and to understand this at all times. Give me the ability to love stronger but not harder for they are dealing with their own situations. Continue to give me the wisdom to know that we are all dealing with this differently. Allow me to always give them a sense of peace so that they feel safe with me. I want to be patient with them when they are distant, but to also delight during the close times. Give me the mindset to always look in the mirror and reflect on what I’m doing and what I could do better for their sake.

Prayer to Their Mothers

Father, I ask that their mothers know and understand that I love their children as much as I love my own. And if given the chance to love them as much, they will be able to see it as well. When they hurt, I hurt. I am not the enemy, but someone who wants to join their family to help guide this child, our child through the journey of life. I want to be apart of their lives. I’m not asking for friendships but I would love to be a part of the everyday life and not just when they are with me. If the child is having a bad day or week, I would love to know what I can do to help ease anxiety. If they are having an amazing week, I would love to know if I can make it better. A text message or phone call is always welcomed.

My Husband

Dear Lord allow my husband to have the strength to deal with being pulled in different directions. Allow him to realize that we are in this together and that decisions we make for one impacts them all. Allow him to realize that as a bonus mom I can only step into a place that he permits. He is the heartbeat of these relationships. When I said “I Do” I said it not to just my husband, BUT to his children as well, as they are now our children. Give us strength to face challenges that may try to separate us. Give him the spirit to lead not only our household, but to be a leader for all of his kids to see.

Our Children

God, I know that they may not understand the power of siblings being with each other. Especially being together around the holidays and special events, but please give them a heart to allow us to share these moments with them as much as possible. Siblings are your first friends. They are the friends that have your back just because. These relationships don’t happen overnight, but they will never happen if we don’t try so let’s put the Crockpot on and allow the ingredients to blend together over time. Please make a way so that our children know and understand that they can call on each other at any time because they are siblings. Allow us to remove any issues we may have with each other to ensure their relationships stay strong.


Please allow everyone in this family to realize that this is a relationship to be had with one another. It is not just the biological father and mother, the bonus father and mother, the children, the grandparents, etc. WE are one family. We impact each other in ways imaginable and unimaginable. Give us strength to learn each other, to deal with each other, and more importantly to love each other. Teach us that our children are paying close attention to us. How we interact or avoid each other is how they perceive life, and will learn to deal with things the same way.

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