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Raising a Daddy’s Girl

I love my child, I truly do! BUT I’m raising a daddy’s girl and it’s not fun. At least not for me. Most of the time I’m getting double-teamed from Bailey and her dad. They tend to forget that both of us can’t always be the fun parent because one has to do the household shopping, make sure they have everything they need, etc.

Daddy’s Girl

Her dad is number one in her eye. There is nothing that can be done or said to make a difference. The only time she is on my side and wants me is when he has done something she doesn’t like. She actually said to me the other day that I don’t do anything with or for her. They both laughed and thought it was funny. But I was truly hurt for a bit. I tried to smile it off and tell her that it would come back to bite her later on.

She is the apple of his eye, and she knows this. She plays on it, which sometimes is more like preying on it. There are times when she knows she will be the favorite over me. Like time for bed, she typically whines until he gives in, or he goes to lay with her. Or the fact that when he’s in the car with us, she will not touch her car door. She will wait on him to come open the door. Majority of the time they are peas in a pod. Their birthdays are 3 days apart, both being Cancers. Capricorns and Cancers play well together, but they are both strong minded. At the end of the day I always remind myself that they are more than dad and daughter, but they are truly friends.

That Girl’s Daddy

Listen I’m glad that she has a great father that does things with her all the time. He plays with her whenever she wants to. They embarrass me when we are grocery shopping by almost knocking things over constantly with the cart from speeding. He’s more childlike with her. He plays dolls (I hated dolls), video games, paints nails, takes her on hair appointments, doctor visits, etc. I mean he does the things that most women HAVE to do especially with their daughters. She’s the baby of the clan, so I think that he feels like he has to do more with her because it’s not going to happen again. He won’t have another baby, at least not in this marriage!

Just like she knows when she will be the favorite, he knows when he will be pick her as the favorite. Believe me it’s plenty of nights were mommy and daddy time doesn’t happen because he’s making sure she is happy. He honestly can’t stand for her to be upset with him. While he could care less if I’m upset or mad, he just won’t talk to me until I give in. IF he fusses at her and she shows signs of being upset with him, within moments he’s doing something to make her laugh or befriend her again, even if that means going against mommy.

Mommy in the Middle

I’m the mommy in the middle truly. They have great daddy-daughter dates where he takes her to her favorite places so that I can have a couple hours to myself. But at the same time I’m never invited to take her to those places as a family date. Even when I’m invited to join them its only for movie or ice cream, never to the trampoline park or arcade. I am truly and honestly the second or third person he makes sure is happy (he’s a mommy’s boy). It’s plenty of times when she knows more of what’s going on with him than I do, simply because he choses to talk to them over me. It’s like playing the childhood game monkey in the middle and I’m just waiting, hoping and praying that someone will throw the ball low enough for me to grab.

BUT… I will say this I’m glad to be raising a daddy’s girl. She knows that her dad loves her so much. What she doesn’t realize is that not any man will be able to get close to her. That daddy’s girl will be able to smell a bum a mile away, I know that for a fact. He is constantly teaching her that she is worth far above rubies. If that means that 5 out of 7 days a week, I’m on the outside looking into the relationship they share. Knowing that her dad holds a special place in her heart, that I will never be able to fill or touch, it quite alright with me. It ensures me when she does pick someone to share her life with, they will have great potential. For this I am so grateful to be the mommy in the middle.

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