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10 Wedding Tips for the Bride

It’s that time of the year again! Engagements are popping up everywhere on my timelines on all social media outlets. I want to share a few things that may be helpful to those brides and grooms going through the wedding planning.

1. Budget

Setting a budget is one thing, but sticking to it is another. Weddings can get expensive really quickly. Flowers, cake, favors, food, table cloths, THE DRESS, this list goes on and on! Remember the wedding is ONE day for most cultures. It’s a symbolic representation and celebration where you are surrounded by family and friends to make it known that you have taken a commitment to each other. Marriage is not for the weak, don’t make your want put you in a financial bind. Stick to your budget.

2. Wedding Planner

Everyone isn’t good at planning, that’s when event/wedding planners step in. Those that don’t want to deal with the pressure of the checklist by themselves should spend the money on a planner. Don’t try to be the DIY bride if you know it will back fire. Hiring a wedding planner doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the full feeling of planning your wedding. Planners can either do it all, or you can hire a day of planner to make sure everything is executed perfectly. Wedding Planners are your friend, remember that.

3. Photographer

You only get to go through this day once. You can’t trust just anyone with this task. Try to use the same photographer for all of your pictures. Most have packages that make it cheaper when you bundle as well. We had a phenomenal, world traveling photographer SkyTouche Photos. The amazing Uche Onyeyiri and his team are outstanding. Having a photographer that truly cares about your story and makes sure that you have EVERYTHING you need and want is hard to find. They are truly a diamond in the rough. He and his wife are also opening a venue in Arkansas that is amazing and I have already told my husband my renewal will be there, Angelo’s Garden. Check it out!

4. Inclusion

Please make sure that your groom knows that this day isn’t just about his bridge. Include him in things that he will enjoy the day of, that way you get his approval without having to force him to help. Make sure what you include him in is more than the basics like cake tasting. Make sure that he picks out his tux and his groomsman tux as well. Let him pick out the centerpiece or the garter you will wear. After all this day isn’t just about you, but all the joining of your lives together.

5. Wedding Party

I had to talk my husband down from 20+ to 12 to 7 groomsmen and 7 bridesmaids. Also make sure that your party includes those that will always be by your side. Remember that not everyone is your friend and will be positive. I was very blessed to have amazing women in my life that uplifted me and wanted to make sure I was happy on my day AND in life. If your bridesmaids and groomsmen don’t know each other, try to plan an outing a day or two before the wedding so they aren’t around a complete stranger for the weekend. How many weddings have you been to and you can tell that they are nervous to go down the aisle with each other.

6. The Dress

The Dress is known as the most important part of the wedding. You should feel like the most beautiful person alive when you are in that dress. Though I don’t think you should spend above your means on “The Dress.” The experience of trying on and buying the dress should be something that you remember your entire life. So try to have those that are near and dear to you there when you buy it. You can even get some input from your husband-to-be on what he likes to see you in, after all you are HIS bride.

7. The Attendant

Be sure to have a good friend that isn’t in your wedding party by your side for your day. This person is someone you are comfortable with as they may be holding your dress up for you while you use the facilities. This is your ride or die person that will always be there and can take your niceness as well as the rudeness in your on your day. I don’t think I could have made it without my cousin. The best part about it, is that I was there for her on her day as well. We talk almost everyday and I feel like the wedding brought us closer.

8. The Trends

It’s okay to follow the trends of society that are popular during the time of your wedding, although I wouldn’t recommend over doing it. Sometimes trends can come back and haunt you at later dates. Be true to yourself and remember this is your day. Yes the wedding and reception is your gift to those you love, but they are only there because of you. Don’t allow anyone to talk you into do something you don’t like.

9. Guest List

Everyone can’t attend your wedding. As much as you would like for everyone that you’ve ever known to be in attendance it’s just not possible, and most of our budgets don’t allow it as well. There are lots of charts that help you decide who should attend. At the same time remember this is a day to spend with those you love. There are those that will speak against your marriage behind your back but pretend to speak life to your face. Those people don’t need to be included and trust they will show themselves.

10. The Day

Enjoy the day! Things will not go as planned sometimes and just keep going. The day of my wedding we realized that my cousin had the correct shoe and wrong color; while another bridesmaid forgot her shoes in a different state. They were scared to tell me and I literally looked at them and said okay, there isn’t anything we can do. My husband walked off from me after we had our first dance and sat down to eat and I didn’t see him again until we cut the cake. He does still hear my mouth about this, because we don’t really have memories of being together during the reception. Make sure that whatever goes perfect or completely horrible that you remember it as the day you married the person you will spend the rest of you life with.

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