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Elf on the Shelf

So this is the first post of the Christmas series that I will be doing. Everyone that knows me knows I love Christmas. My trees have been up and decorated since November 3rd or 4th. So why not share some of my Christmas cheer with those who read the blog. I decided to start with the newest tradition for our family, Elf on the Shelf.

We didn’t too well last year because we forgot to move Chris, who I was recently told had a name change to Cupcake. This year I have gotten a little smarter and I have planned out what Cupcake will do each day. It only takes a few minutes to plan out when you have ideas in mind for what you would like.

The Planning

The easiest way to get off course is to not have a plan. I would recommend that you get a calendar and list each day what you would like to have your Elf do each day. This way you know what you will be doing and not thinking on spot each night. Another recommendation is to create a shopping list of things needed to make sure all of your ideas can happen. The last suggestion is to make sure you have fun and take plenty of pictures.

The Calendar

Pinterest is my go to for templates of anything. Majority of the time it’s already been made and available. But this year I decided to do something simple. Bailey’s at the age where she can read now so it has to be hid. So I’ve also made sure to enter the calendar into my planner that she doesn’t see.

Even though I have each day planned out. I also have a few ideas for days when she isn’t behaving. Why should we have fun and enjoy the Cupcake if she can’t act right. I also have a plan for when mommy and daddy forget to move the elf. I mean hey, sometimes waiting on her to go to sleep and moving it before laying down just doesn’t happen. And when this happened many times last year we were running like crazy trying to figure out how to move Cupcake (then Chris) without her seeing them. As we know you can’t touch your elf or his magic will leave. (You may want to pick up some glitter to sprinkle on him/her if the child touches them and the magic needs to return.

I’ve created a quick easy calendar via Microsoft Word, but I am also including some links for some other bloggers via Pinterest.

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