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It's Easter Time!

Ya'll know how I am about my tablescape. I truly believe that it reflects how I'm feeling for the season. As I've gotten older I'm also realizing that I don't have to play into the colors of the holidays to make it festive. I didn't really share my Christmas looks on the blog, but here are a few.

This year the Easter color scheme is the same as last year. Black is always going to be a foundation in the dining room from here on out. I'm loving dark colors and tones as neutrals these days. Here's a reminder of what the table looked like last year in case you didn't see it or want to see what the difference between the looks are.

Since I created the eggs last year, I of course added them to the look of this year. Last year the table in the kitchen that you see with the emerald green eggs is no longer in the kitchen. A reveal to what is in its place is coming soon. But you also get a look into the new entry way decorated for Easter.

I hope you are ready because here it is! This year's Easter decor at The Ross Haven.

Remember it's about what feels best for you when adding touches to your spaces in general, but especially when decorating around holidays. The spaces in your homes are a reflection of how you truly feel when you are in your zone.

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I absolutely love this color scheme! What a beautiful setup!

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