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Family Fandom?

I joke around with people all the time when the subject of football and football teams comes up. “Being a Green Bay Packers Fan was in the small print of my marriage license,” I’ll tell anyone. But it’s true. I’m not a huge fan of the football even though I cheered most of my life. I understand most of it, and had ex-boyfriends who played, but never really took the time to become a fan of any team.

I started off by becoming a fan because of my husband and for him. Now truly enjoy those moments when we are all sitting in the man cave watching the game as a family. I’ve grown to love those players as if they were handpicked for us. Just like any other true fan understands they are during draft. I yell at the screen good and bad, along with our 4-year-old that shouts “Go Pack Go.” I find it amazing how much life can change and how I’ve grown to appreciate something I never thought I would.

Well let me tell you something, I have played Fantasy Football two years in a row, and have found that I’m very competitive. I’m happy when Aaron Rodgers throws a pass to Jordy Nelson or Davante Adams or when Mason Crosby kicks a field goal perfectly, and I’m utterly upset when Clay Matthews or Randall Cobb isn’t playing. I love it when we have those Hail Mary moments, and hate it when we lose a game.

The thing that we as significant others have to realize it, it’s not always about the game. Sometimes it’s those memories they have from the past that make watching and enjoying the game so important. It’s those times when boys and men have sat in front of the TV and watched every Sunday (it may have been the only time the father was able to spend time with his son) or a memory of a loved one whom had a love of the game and passed it on to others in the family. There are friends who share the love with each other. Friends who have rival teams that have lasted the test of times. But it’s always a story that starts someone’s love for a sport.

I mean we even have some of our engagement pictures in Green Bay gear. At the time it wasn’t because I loved the sport or the team. It was truly because I love my husband. Wanting to make sure that our pictures showcased him and what he loves as well. His first birthday/wedding gift from me was tickets to see the Packers play against the Cincinnati Bengals. It was my first NFL game, and I must say I enjoyed myself, maybe even more than he did!

Sports Themed Rooms

We have been fortunate enough in two of the places we’ve stayed since we’ve been married that my husband has been able to have his own space, “THE MANCAVE”. I allow this zone to be packed with Green Bay paraphernalia. It’s his zone to be himself and I can close the door and allow him to yell and scream.

I know sometimes it may seem like your significant other is the craziest person and it works your nerves. Supporting their fandom isn’t hard at all. Showing interest in something that your significant other cares about only takes a small amount of energy. Getting the family game day shirts, buying his favorite players jersey, seeing small trinkets (which is hard finding GB gear in the south) and picking them up. All of these small things that mean a world of difference to him. Amazon and NFL Shop can be your best and worst friends.

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