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Halloween Costumes Anyone?

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Many of you have seen our couples Halloween costumes and pictures of Bailey if you follow the Instagram account. If you don’t shame on you go follow at HoneyBabyLife17 We had two parties to go to, so I started looking for costume ideas. I took to my much beloved Pinterest and didn’t quite find what I was looking for. So to google I go.

I’m typing “black couples” into my search engine and of course I get the same ole, same ole couples; Martin and Coretta, Malcom and Betty, JayZ and Beyonce. That’s not who I want, I need someone with depth and isn’t known. I try my search again “historical black couples” and once again the couples weren’t what I wanted. I did get a few from Ebony that were different like Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance, Will and Jada, Ossie and Ruby Dee, and of course my “aunt/godmama and uncle” President Barack and Michelle. Yes they are all historical but can we go past the 1900s when historical is used. I mean not a single mention any of my Nubian Queens and their Kings were mentioned in the first 5 or 6 pages.

What was the outcome?

But if you google historical couples there are plenty couples that are mentioned from different eras. But guess what? I’m still going through links and pages for historical African Americans. Why are there just a few people/couples that are considered historical? Why is it that we aren’t seen as being historical as others are seen? I love that people like me are seen in the entertainment business as great and amazing, but that’s not the only history we have made. That’s not the only history we are making? And it damn sure ain’t the history we have yet to make.

We ended up being a Deer and Hunter for the first party we attended. At the second Halloween party we went as Black Panther and Storm, I mean hey they are the only black couple in comics so why not. We also are so excited for the movie to hit theaters. I will say that it was hard finding a pre-made adult Black Panther costume, even though he has been seen in other movies. Don’t get me wrong there are some out there, but for one night we aren’t spending $100+ on a costume. But I’m always going to try my hand at being creative when needed.


While I also get the fact that we are still considered 3/5 human, we have to honestly start working together. The more I think about it, how many couples do we see in mainstream media changing the world together these days! I can’t sit here and pretend like everything I do, I do with my husband because that’s not true. But I know that he has my back and supports me constantly and consistently. I hope and pray that he knows I got his back when he’s serious. (Our friends know that he plays all day) But how many kids are seeing us build together? How many kids are seeing their parents build together?

The Foundation I work for brought in an amazing speaker recently. While answering a question she made this statement that stuck with me. “Think globally, act locally.” We have to make a change locally in order for it to impact globally. We sometimes want immediate change, and unfortunately it doesn’t always happen that way. Let’s start making history locally, trust me it will spread to a global epidemic that will frighten so many.

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