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Heaven Picked

I have to interrupt my House Series to make a special announcement. We have a special angel that will be entering our lives in May. He has been handpicked from Heaven by his beautiful grandmother. You’ll be happy to know that everyone that you met has remained touched by your grace and charitable personality. And since today is YOUR birthday, we saw it befitting to announce his arrival. I expect the weather to be either really pretty or to rain tremendously (it let’s me know she’s up there dancing until the rain can’t stay I the clouds).

Let me keep moving forward to reason you’re reading this. I want to tell you about the bundle of joy we will welcome.

A is for Angel

This angel will be coming by way of his mother, my best friend Armenthia. Her mother left us on Earth, but it was only so that she could pick out the best bundle to come down. He moves around just like she did while here. I know she taught him how to two-step before he came down. She was filled with life, and made sure to make the best of it while she was here. So while she is flying high we will make sure to live life on a cloud with her.

L is for Love

I want him to be able to come back in 20 years and know that he was the most loved little boy even before he graced us with his physical presence. You will always be surrounded by those who will have your best interest at heart. Those that don’t will appear, but just know that we are in your corner to tell you the truth with love and help you to move forward.

I is for Important

You are important to us all. But you will always be the most important person to your mother. She may not have all the answers BUT she will always put your first. I have known her for 10 years now. She has grown into a beautiful woman and will be a great mother. Motherhood is going to embrace her with open arms and when she receives it you will be one of the happiest little boys on this Earth. She will move mountains to make sure you are taken care of in every aspect. You are her world and there is nothing that anyone can do about it. If they have an issue they have a band to get through to get to you, and we don’t mind going into combat.

J is for Joined

As your godmother (I need help thinking of a cute name for him to call me, godmother isn’t it!), I have joined the team, your team to help raise you into a great man one day. When Kwele (Uncle Le-Le as he likes to be called) and I accepted the task of being your godparents we did not take it lightly. There was a status floating around Facebook a while ago that upset me. It was about a young lady that found out the mother of her godchildren was dying of cancer. I guess she thought, oh I’ll just buy gifts and babysit here and there when she wanted to. NO that’s not being a godparent. We are an extended part of your parents and will treat you like our child as much as our others.

A is for Adversity

I can’t help but also be nervous about you being here and knowing that what we will have to teach you to help you with being a black male and beating all adversity. You will have to deal with things that your white classmates and peers will never have to think or dream about. But you will face it with grace, class, and strength. You will know who you are and will not allow anyone to tell you otherwise. Being a black educated male, scares people more than ever and you will. As MY godson and that along is enough. Yes I may be a bit biased, but it’s true for ALL black boys around me.

H is for Healed

I believe you coming is healing your mother in a way that is astronomical. No one will ever take Mama Alicia’s place. Yet you are filling a gap of a huge hole that left us when she did. You being born is going to be the highlight of her life. She won’t ever forget what happened to get your here with us physically and you will hear of it many times, believe me. You will not just heal her, but the joy and love from seeing your face is going to fill daddy, Rent, and Yaz as well. (I love you guys!) But just know that you are amazing and we haven’t seen you yet, so when you get here just embrace all these crazies fighting over you!

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