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House Hunters: Marriage Edition – Buying a House

So, They’re Buying A House

We absolutely spend too much time watching HGTV and it used to be even worse before we purchased our home. I want to start off saying, buying a house isn’t for everyone. Investment for us, yes! I think it has also made my husband want to settle for a little while, but I digress. I figured I’d share some of the tips that we learned along the way and what we see on the show that bugs me.


It amazes me to see married couples with different budget amounts for the house. The wife may be willing to spend more than the husband, or vice versa and I’m in utter shock. How do you not agree on a large purchase like this? You both should be aware of your financial situation when you enter this process. Yes one may think you will be okay with a certain mortgage note, but you should still come to a conclusion of what that amount will be. (I’m sorry but you can’t get me on national television and go against my husband.)

Make sure that when you are having conversations about buying a home that you understand this is a process. There are several parts to this. Yes you have a mortgage amount, but you also have to add in taxes (we pay city and county), escrow, principal, insurance, etc. Moving expenses are added to this as well. Small items that you need when you move (new trash cans, curtains, shades and things like that) tend to add up, and you can’t forget new furniture. This all needs to go into your budget.


Location! Lo-ca-tion! Location! We all know that location means everything. Check the crime reports, school districts in the area, if you are going to a completely new area are there any churches near. I love that we live close enough to get to the mall, restaurants, groceries, etc, but far enough that they aren’t in our traffic path to and from work and school for the most part. I grew up in a part of town that wasn’t the best, but I also knew I was safe. Safety is the number one thing that goes through our minds when we decide on where to stay (at least most of us).


When you buy a house, unless it’s a forever home, ALWAYS think about resale value. Will this house be able to sale for what you purchased it for if the market is good? If not, you may want to reconsider this house or find out why? Small updates can mean more money easily. It may not be a walk-in ready house, but you can make it that way for someone else. It’s always a possibility to make more on the other side.

The Kind of House to Buy

PLEASE! PLEEEASSSEE! PUH-LEASE!! Know what you are looking for in a house. If you can’t agree on the small things like amount of bedrooms and bathrooms, that can sometimes change depending on if the house checks off some of your other must-haves. Our closet in our room seemed to have been much bigger than what it feels like, so I know in our next house I need at least triple (no, I’m being serious) the space for our clothes. Bailey will need a closet the size of ours (our next move will be our home for a while, like 5-6 years at least). Know if he wants a man cave and you want an island with a farmhouse sink, who has to cave in if the house has everything but one.

Talk with each other! Purchasing a house is stressful, I DON’T CARE who says otherwise! You must be on one accord, don’t rush into it! It would be better to renew that lease in that apartment than rush and make a choice on a house. Make sure it’s something you want to and can live with, because once you sign the dotted line, no take backs! lol

Final thought

Listen, buying a house is a huge thing. People save and save for years to buy houses. It starts from the time you start building credit. The possibilities of owning a home or you owning your dream home become reality. Make wise decisions when it comes to buying a home remember this is the places you will live and possibly raise your family in.

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