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I Have A New Attitude

I’m sure most of you have noticed a changed and are trying to figure out where Rhea Aligned came from. Rhea (pronounced ‘ray’) Aligned is the new name for my blog and store. My attitude being new is for the better. I want a better outlook on life.

New Attitude, Who dis?

So earlier this year I had a list of things I wanted to carry out this year, Birthday Blues. SO I want to update you all on this and let you know where I’m winning and where I am failing aggressively BUT still working.

  1. Getting Closer to God Well our church as gone through some issues that has caused me to reconsider our membership. My favorite pastor has “left”. I’ve taken a sabbatical in the nursery to help with some other issues and not neglect my responsibilities at the nursery. I fell behind on my devotionals. I’m back on it now. So in all honestly this one going to be a bit of a tug-of-war and I knew this going in.

  2. Stop Planning my Life Yeah this is probably doing a lot better, but not by choice. This is happening because it’s the way things have gone. With the new business venture and trips happening, not to mention the normal things that come up in life as they do. But it’s been good not overreacting like I would have done. I do need to go back to planning because some things are falling to the side.

  3. Travel More Passports for the mister and I are in. We have to get Bailey’s passport soon as well. But hey I have been on the move. It started in April with a weekend for the Alijah Paul’s baby shower, and then my trip with my LS’ was cancelled due to family reasons (I’ll talk about this soon), and then we were off to Cabo to get a friend married off! My first trip out of the country! It’s safe to say I’m adhering to this one.

  4. Break Free from my Fear of Flying With travel comes flying! In the trips mentioned above only one is requiring me to fly, but that one trip was more than I have taken in the last 4 years collectively. But it happened and ya’ll prayed for me, my husband, the stewardess, the pilot, and everyone else because it wasn’t bad.

  5. Becoming Financially Fit As stated earlier, I am starting a business. Some of you may have noticed the shop, cart, and account tabs up top. It’s not completely set up, but you can click on the link here, or up at the top for my Etsy Shop that I’m also so excited about! I actually sold my first item via Etsy already!

  6. Spend More Time with Family Although starting a business is time-consuming, I’m trying to find the balance to make sure that my family is still getting more time out of me. Not just quantity in time but quality time. I’m trying to make more choices to include Bailey in more trips. I would love for her to have a full passport booklet or two stamped by the time she hits 21! There are certain fears that I have that I want to make sure she never goes through them.

  7. Get Healthier Okay I did good for about a month. My biggest issue is not eating. When I am wrapped up in work I tend to forget or to blow it off. So when I get home, my sugar has dropped and I’m just wanting to grab anything. Which is not the best when you are trying to get into a better lifestyle change. I notice I do well with prepping (I mean who doesn’t) but it’s more than just a lunch. I do better switching breakfast and lunch for smoothies. I typically make a bunch of smoothie packs, my Silk, and oatmeal for breakfast. I will say I did so much better when I was on Herbalife with my eating habits because it made me eat better.

  8. Continue to Blog I know I have dropped the ball and have left you all hanging a bit. But I honestly try my best to be transparent with you all. That does take a lot out of be. I started the series on home buying but the first one didn’t seem to interest you all, so I’ve moved around. I’ll save the rest for a “rainy day”. SO be on the look out for updated content! I would say it would be more Spring related, but I haven’t seen it yet!

Let’s continue to aligned ourselves and shine bright so that others may see a path cleared!

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