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Let me Fix your Crown Queens

Before I delve into the fixing of crowns and things, let me just say I’m at a lost of words. How do I say thank you to all the Queens (and Kings) that shared the last blog post Learning How to Say Yes to Sex with my Husband. I have no clue. I appreciate everyone that liked, shared, expressed some form of relation, etc. You have no idea how you have truly helped me and pushed me to keep this going. Thank you! Now moving on to what you came here to read.

“On the darkest days when I feel inadequate, unloved and unworthy, I remember whose daughter I am and I straighten my crown”

Shift in the Atmosphere

I don’t know about you all, but I’ve noticed a shift in my environment lately. I’m not one to believe in everything that I see or read, but I think that the eclipse did something to people. My timeline started changing and shifting around that time. The days were feeling a bit off at first, couldn’t put my finger on it. Then I noticed that it was less bickering and arguing on my timeline. People are posting and sharing pictures and statuses embracing each other, despite the way the country looks. Where I’m from its nothing for people to fight, steal, and kill each other over nothing. So seeing so many of those that are from my hometown build each other up, is inspiring to me. Now I’m not saying it’s just those that I grew up with having a shift change, but those I don’t know as well.

Make Sure your Crown stays On

As women get so bogged down in life at times. Being strong is tiresome, and as a black woman I was taught to be even stronger. We have to tell ourselves and should tell ourselves each and every day that we are rulers. Crowns adorn our heads. We are at the “bottom” of a man-made totem pole. Guess what, we are and were born at the top of it! We are queens in every sense of being. Women are the keepers of the world, if we leave the world doesn’t continue. Stay mindful in knowing that we truly run the world. (Those that know me know I’m not a Beyoncé fan, so yeah no song plug there)

I understand there are days when we just don’t understand why. Because of these days we start questioning everything! Why am I having relationship problems? I’m not making money the amount of money I want? Why can’t I find a great job? How are “they” able to go all these places and I’m stuck paying bills? It’s those days when community is important. There are people who you surround yourself with that will pick you up. It’s times where they pick you up without even knowing they are doing it. Make sure you have a balance in your life in the company you keep.

Queen your Crown is Crooked!

It has been inspirational quotes and sharing of business ventures to a simple “Congratulations girl, you rock” galore on my radar lately. I’ve been invited into several groups for the empowerment of women on social media. Let me just say this, these crowns are shining brightly. There isn’t ANY negativity shown towards others in the group. If someone is having an off day, the other queens in the group are ready to help guide the day to a positive ending. To feel safe in a group of women (we aren’t always easy to get along with) and share what you’re going through is hard. You never know what someone will say about your personal situation.

It’s as if everyone had a shift in auras. A simple gesture can mean something huge to someone else. Sharing that quote that you saw on your timeline that meant something to you, could help someone. Let’s focus on helping each other. Listen we are our own competition, not the woman sitting next to you.

Let me Fix that for You

We have to realize that everyone isn’t out to get us. We are all trying to succeed in life. If I’m trying to get to place where you have already trenched through, help me. If you see that I’m doing something and you want to do it, let’s sit down and have a chat. Let’s strive to get a point where we all succeed in being queens. So when you see your sister, and her crown looks a little crooked, Stop her! Tell her what it seems she needs to hear (which is the truth). Support her on her venture in any aspect, doesn’t mean you have to go buy everything someone is selling. If you have a following, share what she’s doing. If someone asks who gives a certain services, recommend her. When you take a step back and think about it, everyone started from somewhere.

“Hey Queen, let me fix your crown” is as simple as that!

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