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Letter to Self

Plenty of bloggers have done letters to their younger selves. Well I’m going to make the exception of being a follower and join them. My letter will be a bit different from most in format. I am talking directly to my teenage self, because I feel that she was a bit misunderstood and confused. But hey, why not share.

To the Teenage Krystal:

I will not sit back and tell you that life is, has, or will be easy for you. What I will tell you is that you are blessed beyond measures. You have done some things in life that you never would have dreamed of doing, good and bad. I’m not going to tell you not to do this and you shouldn’t do that. In reality, it’s what made you who you are today. But I will share a bit of wisdom that you could have used to get through those times.


Let’s just say, as you grow older you learn what really matters. This allows you to know who your real friends are. And being truthful, most of the people you consider friends, you see them as family. Learning who your real friends are is something that you will have to do on your own. One sided friendships aren’t true friendships. You should always show and give the same respect, love, trust, honesty, etc. to each other. Friendships are more than popularity and the likes. Don’t hurt anyone and don’t allow anyone to hurt you in order to be known. Once out of school, especially high school, WHO CARES?!

No that's not Bailey!


Share more of your story with young girls when you get older. They need someone outside of their parents to tell them what they need to know. You will let them know that they will still sometimes play with the fire to realize some things. Enforce in them their potential to do things that others may not believe in or make fun of. Let them know it’s okay to fail, because it is. Failing on means that you tried, which is more than what others are willing to do. Think about how crazy some people thought Dr. Shirley Jackson, Marie Van Brittan Brown, sisters Mildred Kenner and Mary Davidson, etc. were when they became inventors. You may hear a few or multiple “nos” but that one “yes” is all that matters.

Boys will be Boys

It’s not okay to do stuff to people when they don’t want it done. It’s okay to have a relationship and sex not be apart of it. If your “friends” think that, that’s all that goes into a relationship, they’re idiots! Allow him to learn to stimulate your mind and you will understand me a lot better when you older. Although they may seem to be everything outside of school right now, it’s plenty of time to have fun. And trust me you will have fun! The information that you learn dating in high school will help you later on. You learn what you are really looking for in a significant other. Just know that even though some people “expect” you to stay with your high school partner because “You all make such a great couple” doesn’t mean you have to or will. Be true to self and just know that if it’s meant to be it will be, and if not, SO BE IT!!!!

Reality of Life

The heartbreak, the ups and downs, the fun times, the late night tears, the fears of not being enough, etc. It’s all worth it, because if you had not gone through those things you couldn’t be where you are today. The events that you feel are going to break you, didn’t. They made you lay your bricks with better, thicker cement on top of your great foundation. You will learn that you are not building this “house” to keep people out or to keep yourself in. This is built to insure the safety of yourself and those you hold dear to you. You can’t have the big bad wolf trying go blow your house down when you’re not looking.

Love those around you while you are younger even more because the time you have with them isn’t promised. Ask more questions about your history and the dynamic of your family to those older people around you in your younger years. That information that you search for when you get older is something that is more valuable that money.

The Point of the Letter

As stated you are blessed. You have an amazing family and that’s something that can’t be replaced. Don’t worry about the mess. It may seem important, but it’s not. You know deep down what truly is important! This letter is a glimpse of what life is. The constant change is the only thing that remains the same. Take it my the hand and just jump!

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