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Meal Prepping is a Hobby!

Yes I’m one of those, a couponer!

Out of all of my bills, grocery shopping seemed to be the one bill that was forever breaking my budget. That was until we moved after our wedding due to my husband receiving a job offer in Cincinnati. Being alone, I was forced into relying on myself to go to the store. Looking for deals to stay on the course was my mission. I began meal planning/meal prepping, and let me tell you how wonderful it was for me.

In 2015, my husband received an offer to work closer to home for me (I was elated) in Memphis, TN. I fell off on my meal planning. I started buying food based on what I had coupons for or what was on sale and building my meals around that. So I want to share with you all some tips that I have found or that I use to help keep my grocery budget. I am back on track to stay on budget this year in this department.

Prepping The Meal Plan:

You can plan your meals weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. I tend to plan monthly around my pay periods. Start off by deciding my meals. Write everything down is my method. There are plenty of free templates to help like New Leaf Wellness, Little Coffee Fox, and The Bewitchin Kitchen.

Planning The List :

Next or once you get the hang of it, I compose my shopping list based off what I will need from each meal. I recently started making this list based on categories and somewhat how they will be in the grocery store I will do most of my shopping from. I will go back and add the quantity I will need in each item. If I have 6 meals that will need ground turkey and 3 need different amounts of cornstarch I will show I need 6 ground turkey and a box of cornstarch that will be enough for my meals.

The Calendar:

Step two I write down what days I will fix the meals I have decided on. If you aren’t like me and over cook everything (blame my mother she wanted to feed everyone so the only way, I know to cook is for an army) then you may have days that aren’t spread out as wide. Additionally, I plan around trips and/or days we may eat.

Grocery shopping will be much easier as you in the end. You have a list based on everything you need, so no excuse for wandering down those aisles.

Some of my meals can be prepped and frozen for crockpot meals, easier cooking days, breakfast and snack grabs. Not having to beg my husband to assist with meals, is also a plus. I’ll post another blog on my prep process.

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