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Movie Expectations for the Holidays

Everyone that knows me, knows that I am a huge planner for any kind of holiday (that I like). I believe in being extra. I think it used to bother my husband at one point, but he has grown to love it. At least that’s what I tell myself since he goes along with it now. I think I love holidays because of the way I was raised. YET movies played a huge role.

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I’m a huge Christmas fan, and I believe that everything has to be perfect! I plan out days and try my best to stick with everything planned. (I think I’m going to move to a binder just for Christmas this year) Having these grand ideas of wanting to go to a cabin or a house with all of my family members and us spending a Christmas together like you see in the movies. Where they have game nights and planned activities for the kids and cook big meals together, and it miraculously starts snowing on Christmas Eve (yeah I know I live in the south, let me have this okay).

I’m at home every afternoon on Hallmark, and every Saturday at 7pm I’m glued for the newest movie of the season. I start off in November and don’t stop until mid January, when they finally switch over to Valentines Movies. I see movies like The Best Man Holiday and I’m in love with the thought of everyone being together under one roof. It’s probably sad that in the midst of me typing, I truly went to go look on to look at houses in a few different places for a family retreat for Christmas. But it’s not just Christmas it’s all holidays. Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc. I’m ready to do something. But I sometimes feel let down based on my expectations of this day.

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I feel as though my expectations of holidays are based on what I have seen on movies and sometimes anger me. Not because I have a need or want for those things to happen to the point where I’m upset when they don’t. I get upset because I want people to put the same amount of time and dedication as I do. I believe in making a person or people feel that they are appreciated during those days. Life is so short, and I want everyone to actually slow down and appreciate those special times.

For example, I’ve gotten to the place where if my husband remembers and goes out and gets something for Mother’s Day or my birthday I know that he’s thought about me. He’s not one to go and plan a birthday party or romantic events without a little help from those around us, but when he does I know that its him going above and beyond. While I, on the other hand try to go all out as much as possible for every holiday no matter the milestone.

I want memories to be made and relived as much as possible. I have a few memories that I remember from certain members of my family that have left us in this physical world. Had it not been for those holidays I wouldn’t have them. Being surrounded by family is great, but especially when you are older and you see the impact that being around your loved ones mean. Watching my child play with my other little cousins and seeing that generation get close is the greatest feeling.

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I just want people to stop, slow down, and take time to enjoy the holidays. The picture perfect framed holiday gathering that you see on television may not be for you. That’s absolutely fine, but make sure it’s your way. Try new traditions with your family and friends, bring back old traditions that you used to do. We are only here for a blink of an eye.

Why not make sure that yours leaves an imprint on those around you. Commercialism of materialistic items, rather enjoy the time with each other, DON’T get caught up in it. Family can and will see you through almost anything. Don’t let what you see get the best of you. Just like there are many different versions of movies, they all have different directors, producers, cast, etc. Your movie can only be written by you. Just make sure that while you are writing, it is something you would actually want to see.

Making Christmas Pizzas, Making our traditional Gingerbread Cookies! Christmas Eve! New PJs are a must!

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