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My Husband Isn’t My Bestfriend!

Yep I said! He is not my best friend. He’s definitely one of my closest friends and we have nothing but great times together. I honestly say that I’m not his best friend either. We are perfectly fine with that. To tell you the truth, I don’t think that majority of married people are married to their best friends.

Best Friends Are What Now?

By definition it is said that best friends are the closest friends you have. But what truly makes your best friend, your best friend? What would your best friend do that other friends you have wouldn’t do? My best friends are a true “Ride or Die”. I can trust them like vaults. They give me the truth whenever I want or need it, despite the harsh realities of the subject and how I may feel about it. They understand my world and that we are maneuvering through it together even if we aren’t riding the same waves. We may be in different places in life, but we still have each other. My best friends and I don’t have to talk everyday but when we do it fits like a glove.

But I Say He’s Just A Friend

I can’t tell y’all what to do, but my husband is just my friend. Could I tell my husband everything I tell my best friend? OF COURSE, but it’s certain things that I don’t want to talk to him about. Monthly female issues to after birth aren’t things I can share and he understand what I’m talking about. It’s great that he would listen to me, but what if I’m mad at him and need to vent?! I mean if we’re debating, it’s not helping either of us for me to go off on him and then vent to him! So if I can’t share EVERYTHING with him in a reasonable and sensible manner how am I supposed to consider him my best friend. Now don’t get me wrong we all have friends we tell certain things to, but in the end our best friends know EVERYTHING. How we feel at a moments notice, how we will end up feeling in the end, but the major part of this, most of them know to just sit there and let us vent.

My husband is everything my best friends can’t be! He is my helpmate, the rib carrier, my lover, the father to my child, my headache starter, my problem fixer, bug killer (most of the time), and the list goes on. The feelings that I have for him are different from the feelings I have for any of my friends.

My Friends are My Friends

My husband knows that my friendships are sacred. He knows that I share my life with them because they were here before him and will be here during. They don’t have to know EVERYTHING that goes on in my marriage, but when I need someone to call on they are there and vice versa. My best friends also know that when I say something to them, that they can’t hold it against him. They can’t treat him differently because I’m mad and want to punch him in the throat. They have to remain an even partner in this. With this being said they also know that they are his friends as well. They sometimes call him as much as they call me. If I don’t answer my phone, his phone will ring. They talk and have a relationship and I can call his friends and talk to them just the same.

Can We All Just Get Along?

Our best friends know and realize that we just didn’t get married, but we all became a group of people who are now tied to one another. My friends are his friends, and his friends are my friends. BUT we aren’t Best Friends! He has his, and I have mine. Just know that we can all get along. My husband can be my “everything” to me without being my everything. We’ve had plenty of times that our friends get together, and one thing we’ve noticed is that they always have a blast whenever they are together. So knowing that we are all friends, we’ve become family. In the end, that’s what really matters. We are family and us being family is what makes our lives together even better.

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