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What’s a Date Again?

What’s a Date Again?

We’ve been married for 3 years now, and I must say at times it feels like it has been a lot longer and other times I wonder where has the time gone. One of the most important things to remember is to continue dating your spouse. You dated all during your courtship, so remember to keep the flame lit. Dates with your spouse doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant.

Taking the time out of your busy schedules to spend time to really invest in each other can truly be rewarding in many ways. You learn from each other every time you step out the door or close yourself in the house and spend time together. We grow as individuals even after we are married, the person you married isn’t the person you should see in front of you 5 years later, no matter if that person was amazing (hopefully they are even more amazing 5 years later). You listen to each other and grow together when you set time aside to do so.

Putting it into Perspective

For us, I have made a vow for us to go out on more dates together. I know that it can be difficult once children are part of the equation, but you have to remember it was the dates and time spent together that allowed you to make those children. This means getting a consistent babysitter or family member to watch them weekly, biweekly, or monthly so that you can spend time with each other catching up on what really matters most.

Before we got married I came across a wonderful website The Dating Divas, they offer all kinds of date ideas. From staying in to year full of dates to sexy date ideas to help fulfill every place. For those not so crafty or creative persons, you can buy kits/sets for dates/keepsakes to help you show your love one you care.

Date Night at a Glance

Date nights are wonderful ways to show your significant other that you are listening to what they may be saying. If they are into sports, try going out and playing the sport with them or treating them to tickets to a game. Even if you can’t get their favorite team, just being there counts. If shopping is your wife’s hobby, why not take her out to the mall and just walk around with her and window shop for a while, or maybe even let her try on outfits for a surprise dinner to a nice restaurant.

On the same token, lighting candles for a candlelit dinner and running a bath filled with bubbles or rose petals doesn’t cost much, but can be amazing to the woman in your life. It shows that you care enough to make her and even him feel special with the small things in life. On those days that your hubby has had a long day, try to get the kids to bed earlier, warm up some oils or even just using lotion and give him a nice body rub with music playing softly. Small tokens of love are always the best to me.

Pinterest and Blogs Can Helpful

There are plenty of Pinterest blogs/pins that you can look up for dates that won’t cost you a dime. Look into these if you are on a budget and still want to have a special night out. Try searching for bloggers in your area that focus on local move and grooves. Here in Memphis there are lots of resources like Choose901, they are my favorite go to; they even send my emails three times a week to keep me updated! You can also try, type in your interest and find out what others are doing around you. One of our favorite spots in Cincinnati was found do to meet up, free salsa dances at Fountain Square!

We found a new to Cincinnati group on and they were hosting a class on bartending. There was only a fee to cover the alcohol. It was less than $40 for both of us and so much fun!

The Take Away

Date Night doesn’t have to be stressful. You don’t always have to put a lot of thought into the night for the memories to be created. Spending time with each other is the medicine all relationships should take to remain healthy.

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