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The Working Mother

I’m jealous of those moms that are able to drop off and pick up their child/children. I wish I was that mom that was able to attend every or all events. The envy I have for the mom that can go and attend a field trip or a class event is real. Yes I have an amazing husband that goes beyond the call and goes everything he can and everything I can’t. But that doesn’t make me feel any better. I’m a working mother.

I’m Jealous of my Husband

I’ll be honest. I am jealous of my husband. Bailey is 5 years old. I have only been to 4 or 5 of her doctor and dentist appointments joined, MAYBE. How many women can say this for their child let alone their daughter? I’ve missed events and memorable moments because I have to take off and he doesn’t.

The current position I’m in is the first salaried position I’ve had. I don’t have the flexibility that he has had since she’s been born. I have to take off to attend events. Which means that I have less days to take off during holidays and vacations. When we were in Cincinnati, I would have to go to work, while they stayed at home because it was so cold. He works from home he’s able to be more involved in her life than I am during the week. Most days when I get home from work, he has picked her up, they have finished homework, and she’s either eating or in the tub. Her mood changes when I get home as well. Even her teacher reaches out to him. She has NEVER reached out to me about anything dealing with Bailey on an individual basis.

Stay-at-Home and Flexible Schedule Mom

Moms that are able to stay at home, yes I know your job never stops. At the same time I wish I was able to do the things you all can and do with your child. I would love to be the mom that’s able to be at the school or the PTO president. They have the availability to do certain things during the day.

I’m constantly at a battle with myself on whether I’m doing enough. I never feel like it’s enough. I never feel like I’m as accessible as those mothers that work from home or those that have flexible work places/schedules. It’s hard to know that there are moms that are at events with my child. She sees them there and not her mom, we talk and she understands that mommy has to work. BUT I shouldn’t have to sit her down and tell her that mommy can’t go because mommy has to be at work to make money to keep a roof over your head.

Working Mother

To the other working moms out there that don’t work from home or have a flexible schedule just know that I completely understand the pains you go through, especially single moms. The hurt I feel when I want to be at an event and I can’t make it because I’m needed at work is unbearable. Being a mom was the best job that I’ve been given. It’s also the hardest. You just want to be there for your child. Especially if you have a mom like mine that rarely missed ANY event. At one point, I was going to become a teacher to make sure that I was on the same schedule she was on so that I could/would spend as much time with her without having to take off.

So, What’s Next?

This is another reason I started this blog. This is a start to me building a brand so that I can expand and one day become that mom that works from home and is available. I just want to be the best mom and I don’t feel like I can even get close since I can’t do certain things with her everyday. But it’s one day at a time to get where I want/need to be. But just know, I’m going to get there!

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