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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

So at the age of 13 we were allowed to open up presents in my house on Christmas Eve after we came back from my Pawpaw and Granny house. After everything was in the house and we had settled down from the festivities, I would shower and get in my pajamas and we would sit up and open my presents. My mom got over the fact by that time that I was not a morning person and could care less about her wanting to wake up early and watch me open presents. I was that child, the presents will be there when I get up regardless so why wake up so early! BUT now I kind of get it. Well I started gifting a Christmas Eve Box.

The Christmas Eve Box

I started doing this as a gift to my nephews and little cousins that I adore! The tradition is still going on, and it’s one of the reason I make sure to do Black Friday Shopping. It’s the gift that the children get to open the night before and their parents can stop getting nagged about opening one box. I know I’m not the only one who has heard this constantly even before I had children.

What’s in the Christmas Eve Box

  1. New Pajamas Each box has a pair of new pajamas for the kids to wear on Christmas Eve. It was always something I enjoyed getting as a child. Nothing beats a new pair of pajamas, and it’s even better on Christmas when you’re waiting for your gifts. It doesn’t have to be Christmas themed, but just something you know they would enjoy.

  2. Movie A Christmas movie to watch after the house has gotten settled in and it’s almost bed time. It makes a great family activity and after running around on Christmas Eve like we usually do, the night is planned out.

  3. Snack What good is a movie without snacks? Hot cocoa, popcorn, fruit snacks, any thing that can stay in the box without spilling. I also make sure that the snacks can take the throwing and slamming of traveling through the mail for those that need to be shipped.

  4. Activities These are also my fillers to the box instead of candy. I like to add items like coloring books, stickers, crayons, etc. These also can be done while watching the movie. Especially for those with multiple children and one may not like the movie chosen to watch. But I pick the best movies so I don’t think this is a real issue. Just make sure the activities are reasonable for the age of the children. Also try to make sure that it’s something that they are interested in. Don’t just throw anything in there, make sure it’s something they like. If they like to read, place a book in their box. Are they interested in Lego’s? Add a small package in there for them.

Why the Christmas Box?

The better question is why not give a Christmas Eve Box. It’s a small gesture that goes a long way. Children receive toys and things they don’t need all the time. For a good box I may spend $20-$30 dollars. I catch sales throughout the year, I catch certain Black Friday sales, etc. Kids are easier to please than we believe. Bailey is happy with a toy from the Dollar Tree as much as she is with a $50 toy from Target, if it is something she wants.

They also feel like they’ve received a lot of stuff even though it may be small. Kids love quantity over quality, I mean hey they don’t any better. Truth be told they have a better way of thinking at times. Why not just be happy with what you are given?

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