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What is your Self-Care Routine?

What is self-care?

Self-care is and can be easily defined, yet it’s hard to do for those in a marriage/family. I fail a lot at self-care due to many issues. If I am aware of a financial obligation, if the hubby is out-of-town I don’t want anyone to have to keep her, if there is a hinderance of any kind, I put it off. I’m sure I’m not alone in this area. As I type about this topic, I have a little spoiled person in the bed with me that won’t stop talking to me about her dolls and a very loud iPad talking about some toy that she will ask me about on YouTube. Everybody needs time alone, just to do something for themselves.

There are a lot of people who do not have a problem with taking time out for self-care. I wish I were more like them in realizing and understanding that I need time to compose myself. Doing things for self helps with emotional and physical well-being. You do not find too many people who practice a healthy self-care lifestyle that deal with issues of stress like you would someone who doesn’t. Being a spouse and parent at times makes this hard, especially when you have activities that your family is involved in. But it’s important to schedule time for yourself, if needed schedule it like you do your hair appointment or your doctor visits.

How do you get your self-care?

Do you have a set time a week or a month that you devote to doing something for yourself without any interruptions? Do you have time that you lock yourself in a room and are able to meditate? Does your self-care include you spending money or is it something that is completely free? None of these things matter as long as your spending time doing something for yourself. Although it may seem like a task to get time for yourself, it is a must. Self-care isn’t just for those that are married or have a family, everyone needs time.

My Day

I recently went on a much-needed self-care day. Seeing that it is August and Mother’s Day was in May; I just cashed in on my gift card to a massage at Gould’s Spa here in Tennessee. That 60 minutes of relaxation was amazing. I then followed up with a manicure and pedicure at a place here that I will not return for service again. But it felt good to be able to spend time away from my husband and child and focus on self. I had plans to do so much more, like do some window shopping, get my eyebrows tamed, etc. But laying on that table, I had time to think about some issues that have been on my mind. Being able to listen to what was going on around me and not hear “mommy, mama, ma, babe, Krystal, etc.” and break my concentration.

My Two Cents

Please take the time to figure out what makes you happy and do it at least once a month. My husband is an extrovert, he enjoys going out and would every night if possible. To him going out is his me time. I’m the complete opposite, I hate meeting new people and doing things that involve being in crowds. Give me a spa day or some time to shop in a local boutique. No matter what it is that you deem your time, take it. In the words of Representative Maxine Waters, “Reclaiming my time” is what needs to happen a little more often that it does for some of us.

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