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Year Thirty-Three

It's my birthday ya'll! My Jesus year! I'm happy to be alive and well. But a part of me believes I haven't been living. And I'm not completely happy about this. I've always played the game of life pretty safe and although I'm not one for jumping out of airplanes or rock climbing, there are some things I would like to do on this earth.

2021 was a difficult year at the very least. The job I loved, with an organization I had been with for over 5 years dissolved. We moved back to Arkansas to help with my parents, with a focus on my mom, and as you know I we lost her in September. Seeing her like that took a toll on me. It's also another reason I need to do some things MY WAY this year.

When lupus started taking over, she was just entering retirement. We had so many plans of traveling and getting to do things she didn't get to do because she was truly one that believed in doing everything she could for her students. She even waited two years to retire because she promised her students that she would be their teacher until they graduated.

I want to make sure that I'm living life. Making sure that I'm making memories for our kids just the same. This year is going to be about starting a new journey in self happiness and creating a lifestyle that is beneficial to our family. I'm not trying to keep up with anyone, just want something for our family to appreciate in years to come. Having fun in life isn't just about going out or catching flights. It's about making sure your family has what they need to succeed and not have to grind as hard as we did to get there. My parents both gave up so much for me to be where I am today mentally, emotionally, and financially. I just want to make sure I can set up our family to be at an even better stepping block than I was given.

So if you see me and I'm happy, just smile and nod. If you see me and I look tired, pray for me. I'm on a mission to help generations in my family!

Photographer - Nancy Cole

Hair - Grace Galloway, Touched by Grace

Creative Director - ReSheda Terry

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