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Breakfast Pancake Muffins/Mini Cupcake Omelets

Breakfast Pancake Muffins

For breakfast the favorites in our house are these amazing pancake muffins and mini cupcake omelets. They have helped me tremendously with wanting my little one having something other than cereal because mommy isn’t a morning person. You can do this with homemade pancake mix, but I made them using complete pancake mix.

The Instructions:

Follow the instructions on your preferred pancake mix, I add a cup of syrup to the mix, you do not have to add the syrup (Four-year-old and trying to dip cupcake into syrup in the car, yeah not happening). I use regular cupcake liners and fill each halfway. I then add different ingredients to them. A favorite in our house is turkey sausage. I’ve also added turkey bacon and all kinds of berries. Cook in the oven for about 20-25 minutes and allow to cool. I bag them in sandwich bags, two by two. When we get ready to serve, they are popped in the microwave for a few seconds and good to go! In all I can make about 50-70 cupcakes with 1 box of pancake mix. This depends on how they are filled and what they are filled with.

Mini Cupcake Omelets

I want to thank a family friend for this amazing idea. As for the mini omelets all ingredients are chopped and put into a bowl to be mixed. We don’t eat pork in our house, so you will see me refer to turkey products a lot. I typically make sure each omelet has turkey bacon, turkey sausage, spinach, bell pepper, onion, and anything else that may be on sale. Ingredients that I have in the house that may be leftovers are used sometimes.

I place all chopped ingredients into foil cupcake liners since they are better to place in the oven with the eggs. They also have your normal cupcake liner inside the foil liner. Then I pour egg whites half way, I also top with cheese, mozzarella is our favorite. I put them in the over on 350 for about 30 minutes, checking to make sure everything is fully cooked and fluffy.

In the morning it’s another pop in the microwave and eat. PLEASE TAKE THE FOIL LINER OFF BEFORE PLACING IN THE MICROWAVE.

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