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Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Cookies

Extra! Extra! Extra!

So I know I’m late at doing this, but here they are. I posted a picture of these chocolate chip cheesecake cookies a little while ago on the IG page! These were quick to make and were so good! Of course I found this on Pinterest. It came from Sweet Spicy Kitchen blog on easy, tasty, healthy recipes.

Cheesecake Cookies Anyone?

These cookies are super soft and fluffy. The moisture that’s in them from the cream cheese gives it an extra boost in my opinion (I can’t stand a dry sweet). With a 10 minute prep time and 10 minute cook time why not try them. I will say that you do have to wait an hour between the prep and cook times so that they can chill enough for you to roll. I differentiated in the sizes of our cookies. I made some half-dollar coin sizes and up to something that could fit inside my palm easily. It’s easier to make a five-year old feel like they are cookie wasted when they are only eating 5 or 6 half-dollar sized cookies. Portion control is good.


These cookies didn’t last longer than 3 days in our house. I made sure to keep them sealed so that they wouldn’t be out in the air. I put them on a plate and had them on my cake plate and covered it.

But hey, don’t let me just be the judge of these cookies! Try them out!

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