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One Room Challenge - Week Five



Shop 'Til you Drop

I was literally taught that growing up. We didn't go shopping every weekend or every other weekend for that matter. But when we would come up from Pine Bluff to Little Rock, my mother absolutely taught me to eat after you've accomplished what you came for! LOL!

I will say most of my shopping came from Amazon. Because if I can do it from the couch why not? I will post a lot of the items here and later on in my stories. Don't forget to go check out the other participants that are partaking in the One Room Challenge. The links are available if you click on the pictures. It's quite a bit, so let's go!


The first thing I want to talk about with shopping are the glassware purchased. I initially fell in love with a certain brand, but it was little more than what I wanted to pay. Listen we had glassware but I wanted stained glass in different colors. While searching and searching I stumbled upon a brand Khen. Khen has amazing glassware in a variety of colors and styles. 95% of what you will see is from the brand. But listen the colors add to the vibe of the room. It's something about stained/colorful glass that gives me like pour a drink vibes! lol

Handles of All Kinds

I had to do it. I found some very art deco handles that I liked. But I made the mistake of showing them to my beloved husband, who was like "No!" To the drawing board I go. I came across these and felt the warm fuzzies you get when you know that you both are going to like something you've found. Well check them out below if you haven't seen them in my videos making their debut.

Furniture Pieces

...OMG the chairs! I ordered these chairs and the did not disappoint. They came in earlier than estimated, like much earlier. I didn't have space to put them in the room and didn't want them close to the room with the painting I was doing either. They stayed in our garage and putting them together wasn't the easiest task for me alone. I couldn't get the backs to slide into the slots AT ALL, but the hubby did with ease. It's a plus when multiple people are in the room, but my family likes to just turn; so the swivel on the chairs add to the must have for me.

I also decided after I couldn't get the doors I wanted that I wanted more storage, because who doesn't need more storage?! I initially went on a search for a bookshelf. but decided that's not really what I wanted or needed for the corner. It was completely empty behind the door. I have had a record player (everyone in my house owns one) for about a year and it's been upstairs not plugged up. So I needed somewhere for it to go. I went with this beauty.

Once I put it together I decided I wanted it to match the warm wood colors the rest of the room had. So, I pulled out the stain and a brush and it was perfect in a matter of minutes.

The last two pieces were ordered from Wayfair. I'll start with the bench first. It's the only piece that he would allow me to get in the boucle. Now this bench came in very quickly just like the chairs did from Amazon.

While they were waiting to be set free in the room, I forgot what I ordered. I knew they were nested, but I only remembered their being the larger bench with two smaller seats. Well to my surprise it was two foot stools included as well. I've got to stop procuring late at night. It's like Christmas when I get packages sometimes. I never know what's going to come in them.

The table that came from Wayfair did come much later than estimated. I had to reach out to them to see if there was a change in the ETA. I did get a response saying if it weren't in by a certain date to reach back out. Well, well, well I received an email two days later saying it would be to me in two days. I wasn't mad at all because I didn't want to have to go search for another coffee table when I KNEW that one would be the perfect choice for the room. This table allows the look to change depending on if and how you connect it, which I definitely loved. That means if I get tired of it being shifted the way I have it I can change it just with a couple of twist to my wrist.

Photos/Wall Art

Listen up! If you haven't tried using downloadable art from the hundreds of thousands of talented artist on Etsy this is your wake up call. There are a lot of options and the art is definitely affordable. I purchased from a few artist and also made some of the graphics myself with canva on some of my art that will be on display. The only art that wasn't purchased online was two pieces I picked up from Target a while back. I sent the downloads to my nearest Walgreens and they were ready for pick up the next day. Typically it would be in a couple of hours, but the machine needed something. I think the most I spent on a piece for purchase and printing was an 11x14 for $15!!


I am going to make a trip to the store for a few plants/herbs. I'm behind on getting my garden together anyway so this weekend will definitly be a trip. I can't wait show you more on the room. I have one last big piece that doesn't come in until this weekend. I hope you all are as excited as I am about the big reveal!

See you next week!

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