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One Room Challenge - Week Four

Countertops, upper cabinets, and pulls oh my! This last week has been a great one. Getting the main piece of this room completed was top priority. And guess what! Only touch ups are needed at this point.


So initially I wanted to do a custom laminate countertop from Home Depot. With the timeframe of this challenge in mind, as well as seeing I had already registered. The countertop wouldn't be in until mid to late May. I didn't want to have to wait that long to finish and rush to get the room completed. After speaking with one of the amazing employees at Home Depot, she suggested I look at butcher block counter tops. As you know I did butcher block counter tops in our laundry room, so it was an easy sell. I needed a little over 9 feet for the countertop; well it comes in 8 and 10 feet. So I knew I would have to drag the hubby into helping me cut it down to size. After they were cut, a small but of sanding was done. I wiped off the countertop with warm soapy water, after it dried I went in with the mineral oil. Multiple layers allowing it to seep into the wood for 30 or so minutes. But doesn't it look so good?

Upper Cabinets

Cutting the suspension rail wasn't as bad with the oscillating tool I purchased. I was able to cut the pieces needed for the four cabinets that were going to go above the counter. I was so ready to slide those drawers in and add the glass doors. Well while trying to add the glass doors I realized I made a huge mistake. I put the fronts on incorrectly. Which meant the had to be taken off and put on the correct way (there goes an hour or so of time). But they are all in and it's beginning to look really great!

Smart Tiles

If you have never heard of Smart Tiles listen up. It's the best! I get the tile look without having to spend the time putting up the tile, waiting for it to dry, grouting and cleaning. The tile gives it an elevated look that I was so excited to try out. Listen I'm a huge fan of peel and stick on multiple levels. Morocco Sefrou was the perfect choice for my green wall. I wanted to add more dimension and texture. Boy did it give me everything I wanted.


If you don't know Amazon is one of my favorite places to get decor pieces. Adding new knobs and pulls to your existing cabinetry can completely change the look. It's affordable and easily accessible. The knobs I decided on are from Amerdeco. They gave me an art-deco curvy vibe in design. I purchased them in two different sizes. The larger 5" went on the lower cabinets and the drawers on the upper cabinets.

All and all I would say it was a really good week. I've also enjoyed reading and watching the other participants. Rooms are coming together and the transformations are amazing!

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Mary Henson
Mary Henson

Omg, I'm loving the greens and the cabinet hardware! Looking forward to seeing the finished project!


Thank you! When everything comes together it's a great day!


Wow! I never heard of SmartTiles before, but they look absolutely ROCKIN'!!! I am going to tell my friend about them because he's in his 70's and doing a lot of DIY tiling in his new retirement home build. Thanks for the tip!


Yay! It's so many choices. I hope he finds something he likes.

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