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Starbucks Dupe: Reduced-Fat Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

I typically don’t eat breakfast, and I know that’s horrible. A doctor in Pine Bluff used to always tell me, “You got to break the fast, that’s why it’s the most important meal.” If I eat breakfast my schedule for eating is better for the rest of the day. One place I can always count on for breakfast is Starbucks. Saying that I spend too much on Starbucks is an understatement.

My Reality

I mean my entire family loves that place. Just this morning Bailey was talking about a trip to Starbucks we took. One of the reasons I like going there is because of the breakfast choices. I’m not a huge breakfast eater, but I’m working on it because I know it will actually help me eat lunch during lunch. We are a non pork consuming household. If you eat you pork, you don’t understand how hard it is to find places to get a good breakfast from a fast food place, we also don’t eat McDonald’s.

Burger King has a chicken biscuit. Sonic used to have a steak burrito, but they keep taking it on and off the menu. Hardee’s has country fried steak and a chicken biscuit, but I no longer trust them. After you’ve had so many chicken biscuits you want something else. Well, Starbucks gives me that option. I can have oatmeal with additives in it, OR I can have my favorite reduced-fat Turkey Bacon Sandwich. Well, that breakfast sandwich is $3.45, with tax it’s 4.10. That’s $17.25 a week! So I was spending $20 a week on breakfast alone. Not to mention if I’m there I have to get coffee, because who gets a sandwich at Starbucks without coffee. I thought about it, if I can find the turkey bacon they use or something close, I’d be able to make this for cheaper. So I did!


I linked the ingredients to Wal-Mart. The total of all ingredients came out to $7.01 before tax. For the price of 2 sandwiches from Starbucks I made 6! They are pretty much made how you like them. It didn’t take a lot of time, and saved me money.

Prep and Packing

I actually didn’t have to use egg whites this go round because I had egg whites left over from making some banana pudding. Seasoning my eggs with just salt and pepper is a personal choice. I cooked the egg whites in a medium-sized skillet and cut them into four. While the egg whites were cooling, I went ahead and cut the turkey ham and cooked it on the skillet on both sides for about 1 minute or so. The next step was to divide the English Muffins. They always seem to not be cut all the way through, so I take a knife and slice along the “perforated” cut. Then here comes the easy part. I literally make the sandwich, wrap it in paper towel and place in a sandwich bag! That’s it!

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