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One Room Challenge - Week Eight


The One Room Challenge - Spring 2024: The Grand Finale of 'Speak Easy to Me'

The journey of The One Room Challenge has been a whirlwind of creativity, hard work, and transformation. As you may have noticed, I didn't write a blog post for week seven. I didn't really do too much of anything EXCEPT... being able to announce that ‘Speak Easy to Me’ is complete! Over the past eight weeks, this space has evolved from a neglected dining room into a cozy, inviting sitting room, rich with history and character.

A Nod to History: The Speakeasy

Before we dive into the details of the transformation, let’s take a moment to explore the inspiration behind the name ‘Speak Easy to Me.’ The term "speakeasy" dates back to the Prohibition era in the United States during the 1920s and early 1930s. During this time, the sale, production, and transportation of alcoholic beverages were illegal. In response, secret bars known as speakeasies emerged, where patrons could enjoy a drink and social gathering away from the prying eyes of the law.

These clandestine venues were often hidden behind unmarked doors or disguised as legitimate businesses. The term "speakeasy" is said to have originated from the need to speak quietly or "easy" about these establishments to avoid drawing attention. Speakeasies became cultural hubs, known for their lively atmospheres, jazz music, and a sense of rebellious sophistication.

The Transformation: From Dining Room to ‘Speak Easy to Me’

Inspired by the rich history of speakeasies, I envisioned a space that captures the essence of these secretive yet vibrant venues. Here’s a recap of the transformation journey:

1. Decluttering and Painting: The first few weeks were all about clearing out the old dining room and giving it a fresh coat of paint. The walls were painted in a deep, moody hue, setting the tone for an intimate and cozy space.

2. Furniture Assembly: The next step involved assembling and arranging the big pieces of furniture. Comfortable seating, a stylish coffee table, and elegant storage solutions started to define the room’s layout.

3. DIY Projects and Decor: Week by week, I added personal touches through DIY projects. From crafting a slat wall to installing custom shelves, every element was chosen to enhance the speakeasy vibe.

4. Artwork and Styling: Artwork and wine racks were carefully hung on the walls, adding layers of texture and personality. The shelf between the upper cabinets was styled with vintage-inspired decor, books, and trinkets that evoke the spirit of the Roaring Twenties.

5. The Final Touches: The door was installed and painted in rich, contrasting colors on both sides, making a bold statement. Finishing touches like throw pillows, rugs, and ambient lighting brought everything together.

The Reveal: A Cozy, Inviting Haven

Walking into ‘Speak Easy to Me,’ you’re immediately transported to a different era. The dark, enveloping colors create a sense of intimacy, while the thoughtfully chosen decor and furniture invite relaxation and conversation. It’s a space where stories can be shared over a glass of wine, and where the ambiance of a bygone era comes to life.

Reflecting on the Journey

This challenge has been an incredible experience, pushing me out of my comfort zone and allowing me to explore my creativity in new ways. There were moments of doubt and frustration, but the end result is a testament to the power of vision and perseverance.

I want to extend my deepest gratitude to everyone who followed along, offered support, and shared their own experiences. The One Room Challenge has not only transformed a room but has also fostered a sense of community and shared passion for design (you have to check out their projects).

What’s Next?

While ‘Speak Easy to Me’ is complete, the journey of home improvement and creativity never truly ends. Stay tuned for more projects, inspirations, and adventures in design. I can’t wait to share what’s next on the horizon!

Thank you for being part of this incredible journey.

With gratitude and excitement,

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1 Comment

Bettsi Ledesma
Bettsi Ledesma
6 days ago

Stunning! What a wonderfu space. It's amazing that you did all of this yourself- so talented.. and beautiful too! Great job

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