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One Room Challenge - Week Six



When I created this space in my mind I wanted it to be something completely different than anything I would normally create for our house. I wanted the eye to constantly bounce from one area to another. I believe I've done just that. This week I created the gallery wall. This wall surrounds the doorway that leads to my office. And let me just tell you now, it's finally getting closed off. A little secret is my office is a mess 90% of the time, and having a husband that's borderline OCD, he's going to enjoy it.

Last week I shared that I purchased art from various artist on Etsy, from Winnie Weston via Target, and some I made myself. Well I had to add some greenery to the mix. So these wall planters were perfect. I'm able to add greenery to the space and add it as art. I grabbed the flat weaved baskets and clock from the closet and on the wall they went. Using items that are already in your house are some of the best finds. That's about it!


Okay so the DIYs were started. One finished, but that's it. If you are new here you may not know that I also create custom specialty items. I couldn't allow this room to get left out. A custom cocktail shaker with the colors from the room was the perfect touch. Im waiting for some other items to come in, but they will be shown at the reveal. Listen week six was a very slow week.

The Last Big Piece

But the one thing that happened was the door was delivered and installed. I painted the door, and it nor the color will be revealed now. The handles have been added to match others in the room. It's not the door I wanted but it will definitely do. I'm happy with it, I'll say that much. I think I want leave some things to show you all at the finish.

That's all that was really done this week. I know it's not a lot. And this is probably the shortest blog post I've ever made! lol While I didn't do much, some of the other participants have done a lot. Don't forget to check out their blog post and social media.

See you all next week!

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